Innovative Ways to Promote Global Peace

We can never have an overdose of peace because too much peace is much better than too little peace. This is one great reason to create websites for peace but there are other reasons too. Now, it is not enough to create websites for peace without taking other vital steps. You also need an action plan so that these websites will truly foster better peaceful relations. Below are some practical ways to use websites to create peaceful co-existence.

Organize writing competitions
One way to promote global peace is to organize essay writing and poetry competitions on the theme of peace. Promote the competition on your websites for peace and encourage people to participate. To add spice to the competition, you should award prizes for the best essays and the best poems. This will encourage many people to participate and it will publicize the project.

Organize art competitions
Art is a great peace builder because it does not have physical, cultural or ethnic barriers. You can organize an art competition to promote global peace. To make this competition successful, you should specify that the theme of the competition is “Promoting Global Peace through Art”. With this powerful theme, you cannot go wrong. Your participants will paint and draw their best pictures to justify the theme you have chosen for the competition. At the end of the show, you should give token prizes to all participants. Do not forget to give plenty of publicity to candidates with the best peace-friendly drawings and paintings.

Promote peace with soccer
Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world today and it is a great peace-building tool. Organize an international soccer fiesta for young amateur soccer players. The theme of this soccer fest is racial equality so it should be reflected on the soccer pitch. This means that each team must have players from different countries working together as a team. The coaches for each team should also reflect the multi-racial nature of the project.

Final word
Peace is vital to human existence. Promote peaceful relations and the world will be a much better place for all of us.

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