Websites 4 Peace — Donating Used Clothes

Used clothes are often just thrown out. There are good reasons to throw them out. They may bee too worn or too threadbare to be of use to anyone else. They may be so heavily stained that no one can ever get the clothes clean again. It may just be that it’s an item of clothing that no one in their right mind would use second-hand, such as a pair of panties, boxers or briefs. No one is going to put these on after someone else used them heavily, at least no one should. However, regular readers at Websites for Peace can help people in their own communities by donating to thrift stores.

Before someone decided to drop items off at any box asking for used clothing, the person making the donation should be careful. Some of these boxes are used by for-profit companies and these companies end up hurting textile companies in the developing worlds. The textile industry is often the first industry to come to these countries, and hurting the textile industry hurts the local economy. Donating directly to a local thrift store avoids this problem.

Many people who donate clothes to the Salvation Army or a local Good Will fail to wash them first. This leaves the people who buy them with the unpleasant task of trying to remove these stains. One of the easiest things anyone can do before making a donation is to send the clothes to be sent off to the thrift store through the wash. This saves a poor person looking for a job the extra work of trying to get the stain off herself.

After this, it’s just a matter of taking things out of the car and putting them up for donations. Employees and volunteers sort through the clothing, size it and tag it appropriately. Sometimes the thrift stores process things specially. This is specially true for bedding, as federal and state laws require mattresses to be treated for bed bugs. Bed bugs, as the old rhyme suggests, offer an unpleasant bite. It shows up as a large red rash on the skin.