Advocating for Peace through Collaborative Efforts

As they say, you never know the importance of something until you experience its absence. Therefore, if you want to understand the value of peace, go to a war torn region and experience its absence first hand. It is a nasty experience to see and experience extreme suffering amongst the population. However, all is not lost, if we are all ambassadors for peace and prosperity, we can salvage the situation and restore peace in these regions. We can all contribute in our own little ways to enhance peace. In the midst of all this suffering, women, children and those with different kinds of disabilities are the most affected. Assisting them in one way or the other will be our legacy in this world.

If you are a designer, you can contribute through building websites for peace. These websites can then be used to seek donations and funds from well-wishers. They can also be used to advocate for peace, show the advantages of peaceful environments and to call for action against those who perpetrate different crimes and acts that go against peace in the world. The websites for peace can then be used to showcase the progress of efforts made towards achieving international peace. Influential people can be used as peace ambassadors and their contribution and that of other volunteers can be highlighted on these websites. Peace requires the contribution of all people; therefore other professionals can also volunteer. The websites for peace will require photographs, content and constant updates. This calls for photographers and content writers who will provide quality content and photographs for use.

In addition, sales and marketing skills will be required to ensure that the world believes in the vision to have peace and that everyone is willing to play their part in all this. If you are in the advertising field, you can use your influence to get more and more people to volunteer their time, money and other resources to restore peace. Conflict resolution is also a necessity to restore peace. As such, those who work in this space like arbitrators will be needed. While some people may be able to move on with their lives with ease later on, it will be necessary to give counselling sessions to those who need it in order to return normalcy in their lives. Doctors, nurses, medical officers, legal counsel, manufacturers of different products and the subsequent distributors will be required to ensure the basic needs of the victims are taken care of. It is therefore joint and collaborative effort that will help restore peace.