Great Ways to Promote Websites for Peace

Peace is one of the most precious commodities on planet earth. Unfortunately, some places in the world today are not at peace today. This is truly sad but if you are the kind of person that loves to promote peaceful co-existence, you can definitely contribute your quota to make the world a better and more peaceful place. Just set up a few websites for peace and promote these sites online. Before you know it, many people will support your idea and you will get connected to thousands of fellow peace lovers. Below are some great ways to promote websites for peace.

Use the social media
Social networking websites are great marketing tools. Simply join sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Create an interesting profile and join some of the popular forums on these sites. Make friends and express your views on global peace. This is one way to get your ideas across to the world. The best thing about social networking sites is that they are free and effective. You can reach thousands and even millions of people on social media. Just make the effort and you will promote your websites for peace online.

Create a blog
This is an excellent way to market your site. You can simply create a free blog at and start posting relevant content about your website. Better still, you can set up your own blog and make it as colorful as you like. Just make sure the blog is attractive to visitors. Create fresh content often and update your blog regularly. You can also invite other bloggers as guests to add color and spice to the blog. Keep your readers informed and they will be faithful to your blog. They will also create good publicity for your blog and this will help the cause you are promoting.

Final word
One smart way to promote peaceful co-existence is to create websites for peace. Get a smart webmaster to design and host your site. Use social media, blogs and email marketing to promote your site. Finally, partner with other peace lovers across the globe and your website will grow.

One of the Best Websites for Peace

If you’re looking for websites for peace, look no further than the site dedicated to Peace Day. Over several decades, millions of people have become active with this organization and have traveled to areas of the world that are in conflict, bringing Peace Day’s message and activities. These include speeches, music, films, art, educational activities, and much more.

Peace Day is a non-profit organization that was established in 1999, and the official day of peace was established as September 21st in 2001. This day of awareness was unanimously voted as official by the United Nations. The mission of Peace Day is to create one of global self-sustaining unity on as large a scale as possible. Organizations that participate carry out a large variety of activities and awareness campaigns in areas of the world that are troubled by war and political instability. For individuals and organizations unable to travel to these regions, there are still plenty of opportunities to participate in Peace Day online.

A main objective of Peace Day is to encourage all types of organizations to encourage intercultural cooperation and understanding. Peace Day organizations create a number of initiatives and collaborative efforts with one another to discourage and reduce violence throughout the world. One of the most successful and popular Peace Day campaigns has been titled, “Who Will You Make Peace With?”

Peace Day was first inaugurated at the United Nations headquarters in New York City, with the ringing of a bell that’s been cast from coins that have been donated from nearly every country throughout the world. The bell was created and gifted to the U.N. as a reminder of the high cost of human life resulting from war, and its inscription reads, “Long Live Absolute World Peace.” During peace day, organizers and their various campaigns focus on encouraging the stopping of hostilities, along with a call to end bullying and domestic violence. In 2011, a large scale Peace Day celebration was held at Wembley Stadium in London, and it was staged to announce a grassroots initiative called Global Truce 2012. It included a coalition with non-governmental groups to increase Peace Day participation.