The history of European entry doors

Doors have been a part of the world’s history for quite a long time. People figured out early on that they needed to protect their living spaces from other people, the weather, animals and other environmental factors. Egyptians were one of the first nations to realize that, so they used single pieces of wood to shelter their homes from heat. Europeans followed shortly after, using the same techniques to build the first style of European entry doors. Shortly after, European entry doors were improved by the invention of hinges. With hinges, doors became a working mechanism with the ability to completely close a particular area while still enabling the undisturbed flow of people through them. Soon, other materials started to be considered for European entry doors. While wood was still quite popular, metal and stone were also widely-used. Since then, the construction of doors has changed a lot. The shape is less square, the lines are more precise and clear and the durability is much better. The primary purpose of the door, however, has remained the same.

european entry doors

European entry doors now

Surprisingly, we still mainly use the same materials to create European entry doors now. While stone is not as popular anymore, wood and metal are still used all around Europe as well as the world. Nowadays, other materials, such as glass, complement the main components of any door. We value practicability and endurance, but the appearance is just as important. Often, doors have various ornamental elements and are made to look as elegant as possible. Some people use vibrant colors to make their homes look more lively and interesting. There are fashion trends, popular styles and prevailing tastes. Doors are not just a protection device anymore, but a decoration and an advertisement for our home as well.

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